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How We Manufacture High Quality Jewelry The Finishing Process

A metal cylinder called a flask is placed around wax casting tree and investment plaster is poured into flask surrounding models. Flasks are then placed into a steam chamber and the wax melts out of the plaster creating an exact opposite void inside the flask. Flasks are then placed inside a kiln and slowly heated to 1350 degrees F to eliminate water and wax residue from plaster. After 14 hours the kiln temperature holds at 1100 degrees F and then silver parts are cast with vacuum assisted machine. Gold and thicker silver pieces are cast at 900 degrees F.

Plaster is removed from metal tree and individual pieces are clipped and ready for metal finishing. All castings are individually inspected. Sprue stubs and blemishes are removed. Castings go through four types of media and 28 to 30 hours in the tumblers.

Finished pieces are inspected again then counted and packaged for shipment.

Other services include fusion findings (sparkle parts). Ear posts, clip backs, and pins can be attached via spot welding quickly and economically.

If you are ready for quality casting done professionally and timely call us or email us.

casting oven

fusion welding operation

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